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Discover how an appraiser can help your organization identify operational strengths and weaknesses.

The CMMI Appraisal Method

The CMMI Appraisal Method is the official ISACA defined appraisal method used to evaluate an organization’s processes to provide ratings related to organizational capability and performance.

The CMMI appraisal method provides a set of processes and activities for conducting appraisals relative to the CMMI model.

The CMMI Product Suite has been explicitly designed to be accessible and flexible to a broad variety of markets, organizations, and types of work. It facilitates faster, easier, and more successful adoption to address:

  • Performance improvements
  • Industry specific needs
  • Organization or project size
  • Market drivers
  • Trends (e.g., business, industry)
  • New or changing technologies

Method Objectives and Characteristics

The CMMI appraisal method is used to identify process implementation strengths and weaknesses as well as process persistence and habit. The method is also used to link demonstrated business performance relative to the model adoption. It incorporates best practices and is based on the features of several legacy appraisal methods.

A common, integrated appraisal method.

The new appraisal method is capable of supporting appraisals in a variety of contexts:

  • Benchmarking
  • Internal performance and process improvement
  • Process monitoring
  • Supplier selection
  • Risk reduction

An efficient appraisal method.

The new appraisal method is capable of being implemented within reasonable performance constraints.

Accurate results.

The new appraisal method is capable of delivering accurate and consistent results based on appraisal objectives.

A focus on process implementation.

The new appraisal method emphasizes and ensures a collaborative, yet confidential approach to identifying performance challenges and gaps, by focusing on the process implementation versus personnel assessment.