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Advancing Organizational Capability: Applying CMMI

Advancing Course

This course provides foundational knowledge of CMMI practices and how to apply them within specific organizational contexts. 


What I will learn in this course?

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Leverage CMMI best practices to improve processes
  • Evaluate the performance impact of process improvement 
  • Understand how implementation of CMMI Infrastructure (II) and Governance (GOV) practices contribute to process persistence and sustainment

Who should take this course?

This course is for any individual ready to apply foundational knowledge of CMMI to solve real-world problems and elevate organizational performance.

It is a required training component for the Certified CMMI ProfessionalLead Appraiser, and Instructor roles.

What do I need to do to enroll?

1. Complete All Prerequisites

2. Submit Application for Applying CMMI Course

Complete the Applying CMMI application. You will be asked to choose one area of primary focus related to a CMMI model view:

What will be asked of me during this course?

Meet Course Objectives

Course participants must attend all sessions and achieve an overall passing score. A laptop and writing utensil is required, and the following objectives must be achieved:

  • Self-Study - participants must conduct an in-depth review of the CMMI model, including the Overview, Appendices, and Practice Areas prior to the start of the course

  • Presentation - to demonstrate their ability to analyze and apply CMMI model concepts, each participant will be assigned an organizational context and real-life business scenario. They will deliver a 10-minute presentation on how to address the situation using CMMI practices

  • Homework Assignment - in written form, each participant must demonstrate adequate ability to apply CMMI practices from at least one model view to address a real-world issue or opportunity

How will I be evaluated in this course?

Course facilitators will evaluate students' participation as well as the quality of pre-course assignments and in-class activities. This information will be retained by ISACA to assess the qualifications of potential candidates for Lead Appraiser Training and CMMI Instructor Training. 

What do I get from this course?

$5000.00 Advancing Course

5 Days Time Commitment

Submit Application

When is the next course?

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    2 October, 2023 7 October, 2023 2-7 October, 2023

    Advancing Organizational Capability: Applying CMMI



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    6 November, 2023 11 November, 2023 6-11 November, 2023

    Advancing Organizational Capability: Applying CMMI



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